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Male Erectile Dysfunction – What is The Average Age for ED?

While it may be embarrassing to talk about male erectile dysfunction, a large proportion of men will suffer it at some point in their lives. Most men may not openly talk about their erection problems.

It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer at some time from erectile dysfunction. Research shows that ED can be common among older men and sexual function can decrease after 45 and more sharply after the age of 50. Although having sex at 70 is not the same as having sex at 20, erectile dysfunction is not just a normal part of aging.

Male Erectile Dysfunction

You should still be able to have a satisfying sex life as you age.

Sexual  arousal for a man is a complicated process that involves the brain, hormones and blood vessels. Arousal can be triggered by certain thoughts, images, touch and scents. When sexually aroused, a message in the brain, sends chemical messages to the nerves and these allow blood to flow into the penis.

Male Erectile Dysfunction

Male Erectile Dysfunction – ED Facts

  1. Occasional ED is common. Many men can experience erection problems during times of stress.
  2. More frequent ED can be a sign of health problems that need treatment.
  3. Studies show that high cholesterol and obesity are linked to erectile dysfunction and both can be improved through diet.
  4. Diabetics may be associated with erectile dysfunction and is due to poor nerve or blood supply to the penis.

 ED Help – Erection Self-test

This is a procedure a man can do at home to determine if the cause of his erectile dysfunction is physical or psychological. Simply attach a ring of postage stamps around the base of your penis before going to bed. If the ring is broken in the morning, it suggests your penis is functioning at night time as men get erections while asleep so this would lean towards psychological causes.  However, the test is only an initial indicator and any man with erection issues should seek advice from a medical professional.

Testosterone is essential for a man’s sex drive and performance. But low testosterone can reduce your ability to have a good sex life. Poor sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual issues that can stem from low testosterone. If low testosterone is the cause, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is important so eat healthily, exercise on a regular basis and avoid smoking and alcohol.

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